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I.Q. Meditech Private Limited

Director Message

I take immense pleasure in getting a chance to get in touch through the portal of this website with people whose lives we wish to touch. Health is the biggest asset that God almighty has given us. If in any manner we get a chance to protect and nurture this gift of God for our customers, we would feel ourselves to be extremely lucky. We have never settled and will never do for anything less than the best for our customers and patients. The sole mission of ours is to create, develop and produce the most dependable disposable surgical products which run high on ethical as well as natural standards. Products which ensure no infections, are easily degradable and pocket-friendly have always stood apart from the contemporary technologies which might compromise safety of patients. Along with our products, our employees also are trained to suit the needs of our customers in the best way possible. Our exhaustive range of offerings has gathered appreciation and wide acceptance in medical centres, hospitals, small clinics and labs around the country. We shall always try to keep us motivated and highly committed of ensuring healthy lives to people around us. Mr. Faiz Iqbal Managing Director I.Q. Meditech Private Limited As a director of I.Q. Meditech Private limited, I take immense pleasure in welcoming you to our website. We are highly dedicated towards ensuring good health of people. Patient first is what we believe in. Our wide range of offerings has inculcated best technology of the world to make curing and healing an easily accessible right for all. I feel immensely privileged to lead an organisation that has products, people and vision to become a recognised name in healthcare sector. We shall always continue to help millions and billions of patients in India and abroad. I would like to thank each and every person and body at IQM for their worthy contributions over years which has played a crucial role in making us what we are. Let us together make Earth a healthy place to live in. Mr. Shan Iqbal Director (Marketing) I.Q. Meditech Private Limited All through the years spent in association with I.Q.Meditech(IQM), I have loved the challenges present in the trade of Medical Equipment. While developing the financial models and conducting competitor analysis, my priority was governed by one thought-"How can we provide the best, the most advanced and, at the same time, minimize cost?" In the course of finding answers to this simple question, I have ensured we never compromise on quality and safety standards, and that's what has kept us head and shoulders above others." Mr. Rakesh Yadav Director (Operation & Finance) I.Q. Meditech Private Limited